Thursday, October 16, 2008

Not that I'm interested in fruity sex, but...: by Stream of Consciousness Eddie

Not that I'm interested in fruity sex, but...: by Stream of Consciousness Eddie

I was bored at work during my lunch break and attempting to cut the peel off of an orange in one unbroken peeling. I got about an inch down on the orange and there lay a revelation. I saw the baldness of that hole on top of the orange, peeling shaved off like it had a fruity Brazilian wax (Yeah, I'm not sure if that quite fits either). Staring down on this orange hole, I couldn't help but think that it looked a lot like Ava Devine's anus. Now, if you've never seen Ava Devine's anus, (formerly Ava Divine) than I suggest you Google it. Google it hard. Actually, Google it slow and steady if you get the invite. It's one of the most attractive of the anuses on film. So, anyway, I'm not into RJs (If you know what it stands for, go wash your mouth out with soap immediately...then, go to jail. Go directly to jail...Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars, etc...).

So, although I am certainly not into RJs (No more requests, thanks), I was hungry for oranges. I wanted this orange in my belly and there's only one way to do that properly. This miraculous anal/fruital Doppelganger effect left me undeterred... I ate the hell out of that orange hole. I ate that orange hole like I was R. Kelly on a fruitarian bender. Besides, if you've got to eat an orange hole, one that bears a resemblance to Ava Devine's chocolate starfish is certainly the best orange hole that you can eat.

*Interesting fact: Many candies mix orange and chocolate flavors together because it is pleasing to standard human palates. Coincidence? Not really. I just thought I'd mention it.


JR said...

Good thing I have my own office. It would be hard to explain to my coworkers why I have a picture of Ave Devine on my computer screen, if I were in the cubicles.

Lucy said...

Eddie...Eddie...Eddie. ... ... ...Eddie.