Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Excerpts from the mystery novel, I Spy A Spy's Spy With A Spy's Eye:

source: Chapter 8: The Night Light & The Night Fight.

''They made love for hours. They made love for hours and hours. 17 hours to be exact, is what it seemed like. It took eleven minutes but it felt like 17 hours, which would be the record for how long he'd ever felt like he'd made love. Make no mistake, they were a good 11 minutes of lovemaking. They were comfortable enough alright. Agent 00.2 and Svetlana Bluejeansky had truly broken their respective covers, under the covers and under cover of darkness. 'T was darkness with a small Sesame Street nightlight to be accurate. Their lovemaking was so comfortable that Agent 00.2 had fallen asleep twice without Svetlana noticing, really. She had just assumed that he stopped for a mitigating effect. When all was said and done, Agent 00.2 knew something was wrong. Svetlana did not ask him what he was thinking. She instead opted to ask him if he knew the exact location of Disneyland.

He could tell that he was in a sticky situation. He may have made his biggest blunder yet. As he thought back to the comfortable lovemaking, he began to recall the queefing. 'Why, those weren't random queefs at all', thought Agent 00.2, in quite a queef-stricken state. Dear, God, they were purposeful, willful, intelligent in pattern, controlled and cunning! Why hadn't he realized that it was Russian but in Morse code? Had he not been trained for just such a ploy? By Jove, he was trapped! The room was bugged and Disneyland would be targeted by the KGB if he told Svetlana the exact location. He would not tell her. He mustn't. Unfortunately, the beautiful Russian woman with the fake Polish accent and the prosthetic toe would know he was on to her if he didn't answer. He was just going to have to do some quick thinking after all.''

*This is an advanced excerpt printed with permission from the author for promotional purposes only and is not to be duplicated by any other source without express consent by the author, Sir Thanial-Bane P. Elmbleby. Get the full copy when the book is released in March. Enjoy the preview, mystery fans.

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