Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nancy Grace has a weapon, and in other news: Sean Paul Rocks out with THOTH!: By Youtube Fanatic

1. It seems like I never watch television anymore because I watch everything online. I'd rather just see the freak-worthy 3 minute clips of a crappy show like America's Got Talent than watch a whole damned episode of mind numbing ''entertainment''. Okay, that's a lie. The whole thing is a freak show, I take it back. It's all worth watching. I love you AGT! Sharon! Sharon! Oh-okay, I think I just dribbled a little bit. Anyway, my first pick of must-see youtube video clips is...drum roll, please... S. K. THOTH! What? Did I have a stroke or did you hear that right? Yeahhhh, you heard that right. His real name is not's Stephen Kaufman. I think that's why he has the S. K. in front of the name of an ancient Egyptian deity's name. Just saying ''Thoth'' might make you slobber on whoever you're talking to, so this may just be part of a prank he's pulling on the world. Anyway, Thoth, has a web site where he says he ''heals through divine prayformance''. Is 'prayformance' a word? No. It's a word he made up combining prayer and performance. Hey, at least he's not full of himself. So, Thoth took his act to America's Got Talent and proved, we don't have talent. Here's my first youtube video pick:

If the embed code becomes mercilessly unavailable, click here:

2. Oh, Nancy Grace. The beloved sweetheart of CNN and Court TV. Legal commentator and warm, welcoming television host. Seriously, if there was ever a woman who looked like she would stab you directly in the heart with a Ginsu knife while she's having sex with you, it's Nancy Grace. The woman can burn holes in you with the beams of laser-like fury that shoot out of her eyes. She's like that evil super-chick from the second Superman movie only not so much of a looker. I still have dreams about that super-chick. What the hell was her name, anyway? It doesn't second youtube video pick is a blooper from Nancy Grace's show...whatever it's called, no one cares. Her poor underling, Clark Goldband sets himself up to be strangled and castrated after the show, no doubt. Enjoy:

If the embed code becomes mercilessly unavailable, click here:

3. And, finally, last but not least. My third pick for youtube video sensation is courtesy of youtube user Xikaze. I love misheard lyrics videos. However, usually they aren' English. But, thanks rap music! Jamaican rapper, Sean Paul gives the perfect ingredients for not knowing exactly what the crunk he's saying with the song 'Temperature'. Here is the brilliant misheard translation music video:

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