Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Excerpts from the mystery novel, I Spy A Spy's Spy With A Spy's Eye: Part 2:

*This is an advanced excerpt printed with permission from the author for promotional purposes only and is not to be duplicated by any other source without express consent by the author, Sir Thanial-Bane P. Elmbleby. Get the full copy when the book is released in March. Enjoy the preview, mystery fans.

Chapter 25: The Fatal Mukluk

''Agent .002 stood atop the elevator with his hands trembling around the P08 Luger which he took from the old Nazi war criminal after the little miss Eskimo competition. Had anyone guessed who really funded that contest, it would have been a worldwide scandal. A worldwide scandal that would out the little miss Eskimo runner-up as a midget hooker from Amsterdam with a baby face and a poisonous dart that shoots out of her right mukluk.

He would stop this evil plot at any cost. Even if it meant confronting Svetlana Bluejeansky, his old nemesis and former lover. She wasn't going to get him this time. She wasn't going to help the man with the golden nostril infiltrate America's nightclub scene.

So it turned out that the man with the golden nostril, the man with the silver gonad and the man with the jeweled nipple were all the same man. And that man was trying to plant a Russian bomb directly inside Lyndsay Lohan's vagina.

Danger is the unheralded secret weapon of all KGB operatives and elderly Nazi war criminals. Especially the ones that masquerade as BBC journalists. This plot was even more evil then its sinister sister plot at the little miss Eskimo competition. The celebrity guest for that event? Lyndsay Lohan. She would undoubtedly fall victim to the masculine wiles of the man with the golden nostril. They would later make it to the night club scene and at some point . . . the Russian bomb would . . .''

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