Friday, November 14, 2008

Excerpts from: Tales of The Gunfighter And The Prostitute And The Indian And The Law by Fairy Druderbaum

Excerpts from: Tales of The Gunfighter And The Prostitute And The Indian And The Law by Fairy Druderbaum

We hope you enjoy this advanced copy excerpt of the soon to arrive latest Wild West novel by acclaimed New York fashion designer, Fairy Druderbaum. The following is printed with permission. All Rights Reserved © 2008 Fairydru, Inc.

From chapter 13, page 13:

''The gunfighter and the Mexican in the yellow hat stood at the center of town. It was not yet high noon but just eleven something. The gunfighter stared at the Mexican in the yellow hat but saw no fear. ''Alright, boys. Let's make it clean. No bullets to the face or groin. Especially the groin. If one or both of you survive, I want some viable customers out of ya.'' said the prostitute. The gunfighter nodded, wondering what the prostitute's name was. The Mexican nodded but wondered why it wasn't clear he was more of a man's man. 'The big banana yellow hat with the black silk sash should have been a clear enough message.' he thought.

Everyone backed up. The gunfighter began to feel a strange anal itch. A tickling, itchiness that he did not like. He wondered if perhaps it was not a parasite poking its head out for air. After all, he did like his pork barely cooked. No matter... There was killing to be done. 'Oh! There it is again!' he thought. It was very distracting.

Staring at the Mexican's eyes wondering who would be able to draw first, he shifted his right butt cheek to try and quash the itch and if it was a parasite, maybe just squeeze its head back into the hole. Just then, the Mexican pulled his pistol with the pink diamond studded handle and fired before the gunfighter could finish his buttockal shift and BLAM!...''

Look for another excerpt from Fairy's novel, next week. It'll be out in time for Christmas shopping, in case you were worried.

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