Tuesday, November 11, 2008

LTE's Statistical Anomalies: Politics And The Internet

LTE would like to report that 83% of McCain supporters used Internet Explorer to dig up dirt on Obama, while 91% of Obama supporters used Firefox to dig up dirt on McCain. That's Firefox: 312, Internet Explorer: 6. We'll keep you updated on any further changes in score in the oncoming weeks.

This edition of LTE's Statistical Anomalies is brought to you by: Soyhug's organic vegan soy gravy. That's Soyhug organic vegan soy gravy - because cow flatulence causes hurricanes and if you pinch your nose it almost tastes like real gravy, sort of. Mmmm. Have you had your Soyhug organic vegan soy gravy today?

Soyhug's products are not responsible for the environmental conditions of Earth or any other planet, or genetic mutation in fish or humans.

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