Friday, November 21, 2008

Microwave ovens were not invented by nazis

Microwave ovens were not invented by nazis:

Sammy Bullshit, our resident fact checker at LTE has been taking questions for us and chosen to answer the following for this week's query:

''Dear Sam,

I heard the Nazi's invented the microwave oven back when there was a war with em. Is that true?

Jimmy the Gherkin''

Sammy writes:

''Dear Jimmy,

I sincerely hope your mother's doing better and want to offer my condolences for your brother Sal. Sure is a shame. Ironic-like, I hear he never liked fish or swimming...

With regards to your question- the German people did not invent the microwave back when they were nazis. Honest. I have it on good authority that it was Saul E. Microwavenberg from Brooklyn, back in 1971. I know because he's my massage therapist's second cousin.

See, a lot of people think they called it a microwave because it cooked stuff by ''microwaving'' it. But, this is pure bullshit, my friend. That was all just a coincidence with his name. So, the name really works on two levels but you have my word that if it had cooked things using some other kind of wave like a macro one, he'd still have called it a microwave, out of ego. I hope that answers your question.

PS: Don't forget about that thing. I made sure to talk to the guy about it. Don't disappoint me, my friend...Again, condolences about your brother.''

This week's question was brought to you by Lowbrid cars: Because, hey, who wants to be all self righteous with those new-agey ones?

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