Saturday, November 22, 2008

LTE's 'Learning New Slang Words': Learn The Definition of 'Elmo Milk' the EASY way!

LTE's 'Learning New Slang Words': Learn The Definition of 'Elmo Milk' the EASY way!

Main Entry: Elmo Milk
Function: Noun, verb, plumbing
Etymology: Elmo Milk is composed of two words.

Elmo: A red, fuzzy creature with a low IQ but a renowned social empathy. Elmos are a race of creatures from the lost Canadian Province known as Abootia. They became extinct before Abootia was abandoned in 1740.

*Elmo, the popular Sesame Street character was named after the red pygmy Elmo sloth ape which was hunted to extinction by German immigrants in Canada. The meat was said to feed thousands of immigrants and taste like chicken with paprika. Some were kept as pets but usually died trying to pet local grizzly bears.

Milk: a fluid which is secreted by the mammary glands of females for the nourishment of their young or a fluid which is white in appearance or a sickly greyish white but super sticky as well as protein-based.

The term 'Elmo Milk' was first used by rapper, Skullface Killer4Life in a song called ''Ima jack you up den jack off, bee-atch.), when he said '' Yo. Ima rip into your (Censored) when you see me (censored) like a (censored) for your (censored). Talkin' 'bout Elmo Milk like a thug cuz you ain't got a (Censored) for the mug and I ain't gonna (Censored) up a (Censored) for no (censored) when I Elmo Milk it like it's a drug. Step offffffffffff!!!!''

Shortly after this song was popularized on a very special episode of Friends where Joey and Chandler learn how to crunk on the street like it's their birthday, it was added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Oddly, it was only recently that it was added to the Urban Dictionary.

Strangely, neither Merriam-Webster nor Urban Dictionary have really nailed down exactly what it means. Then again, Skullface Killer4Life was known to make up words with vague or non-existent meanings which were never fully understood. He now lives in an asylum for the criminally Jermaine; An asylum for insane criminals who pathologically dress like Jermaine Jackson of The Jackson 5. Anyway, we're sure there's some freaky sexual connotation to the word and that it has to involve seminal fluid. We're really not sure about the Elmo part. That's just wrong, far as we're concerned. Use it however you want, anyway.

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Alessia said...

Hmmm. I smell copyright infringement *ahem*.

Fitzgerald said...

Are you sure about that? Maybe he said, EMO Milk. What ever EMO means?

Lazy Third Eye said...

...While those are both valid points that I intend to fully address, I would-Look! It's Elvis! He's alive! Over there!'re not looking...heheh....oh, boy.


L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

What There is so much to say about Elmo's Milk?

Where is he...I am trying to look.