Saturday, November 22, 2008

LTE's ''Feel Better, Loser'', volume 1: Winter Hygiene

LTE's ''Feel Better, Loser'', volume 1: Winter Hygiene

Dear Reader,

We just wanted you to know that it's okay. You don't have to shower or bathe all winter. You may feel ashamed for not cleaning yourself because it feels too cold. You may feel like a spoiled little sissy. A wuss. A complete asshole. A dirty, filthy, smelly, old, crusty asshole.

... Well, feel better, Loser. Colder air is cleaner and will get you less dirty than warmer air. Also, the amount of your sweat will be insignificant as long as you cover yourself with deodorant and other scents of cologne or perfume and baby powder. You barely sweat when it's cold. anyway!

If you choose to not bathe or shower or even take a ''whore's bath''. it's simply not an issue. It doesn't matter if it's less during the winter, or not at all during the winter. No one will be the wiser and you'll be healthier than all those other clowns who catch colds from soaking themselves, while there is a chill in the air- EVERY DAY! You'll be healthier and immune to colds.

Lastly, many, many other people stop exposing themselves to water altogether because they're averse to the cold. They don't drink water, they don't wash their hands, they don't shower. Some of them rich and successful. And, some of them are members of the military and the WWE. So, believe us, you're no sissy. There is no shame in skipping the soap, shampoo and water because you are averse to the cold. It'll be fine! Cheer up! You're not a disgusting jerk with no regard for the awkwardness you inflict on others! You're normal, well-adjusted and super cool!

Sincerely Yours,
The staff of LTE

This edition of LTE's ''Feel Better, Loser'' is brought to you by The Simpsons Movie-Because watching it six times a day in syndication is almost like stealing! The Simpsons Movie: You don't want to be a thief, do you?

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