Sunday, July 6, 2008

...Did Van Damme really get an erection on Live TV? By Youtube Fanatic

Here are my three video picks today, enjoy:

Video #1. Jean-Claude Van Damme's penis supposedly works. Here he is getting an erection on Live television? Yeah, I don't know for sure either. Is he pretending? I can't tell but he does look rather embarrassed and I know he's not exactly a Deniro caliber actor. From what I understand, this is Jean-Claude on Brazilian television show, Domingo Legal. He hung out there for a while, dancing and playing around. The clip is of him first dancing with Sheila Mello, then with Gretchen, a Brazillian singer, actress and porn starlet. As you can see, this second woman he dances with on the video grinds like a a grindy thing. This allegedly leads to turning the self appointed ''Muscles from Brussels'' on more than is considered publicly acceptable. Did he really get his Brussels Muscle worked into a frenzy? You tell me.

If embed code goes mercilessly unavailable, the address is:

Video #2. The Internet favorite, We Are The World, the Japanese Karaoke version. These guys are clearly serious about their impersonations as they seem to be phonetically sounding out the lyrics. Though they did a great job, I laughed hard when they did the first We Are The World in America and I laughed A LOT HARDER when they did this one...though, once again, they did a great job. I have no doubt that if we tried to the same thing with their stars like Holi
and Misia, it'd be pretty funny to them too. Let's be real. Okay, I had to Google ''Japanese pop singers'' so I could mention Holi and Misia.

If embed code goes mercilessly unavailable, the address is:

Video# 3. Mr. T's 1980's teenage fashion show! Do I really need to say anything else about this one? Except for mentioning that it is exactly what I just said it is, I don't think I need to say anything else. It's just great on its own.

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