Saturday, July 5, 2008

Marie Osmond? What are you crazy? Of course I would!: By Stream of Consciousness Eddie

So, I'm watching Marie Osmond's commercial. She's the spokeswoman for Nutrisystem. When I saw this commercial, I just thought 'Oh, sweet mother of God and his brother Jim'. Youtube Fanatic was watching it with me and he says ''Would you?'' and I'm like...''What are you serious?''. Of course I would! I've got news for you, she's 48 years old and still hot. I would've when I was 12, I would've when I was 22 and I would now if given the slightest chance. Have you seen this Nutrisystem commercial? Have you seen it? Plus, Marie's always had those big, beautiful teeth. Man, I love a nice rack, of teeth. I would've become a dentist if I wasn't ...well, it wouldn't have worked out. You couldn't trust me around the nitrous oxide and because of the tooth fetish, I doubt you could trust me around the female patients either. Did you see Jake's fact about dental patients? Scary statistics. I'd hate to add to them. Plus, there's the ADD, I doubt I'd make it through any extra schooling with that. Not important. Anyway, what is important is that Marie is hot. She's hot now that she's lost weight and quite frankly when she got a little hefty...I still would have.

*Remember: More of someone to love is more, so it's good. Less of someone to love means what's there is all the more cherished due to it's increased ounce for ounce rarity. In short, it's all good. The more you know...

Stream of Consciousness Eddie, the almost untrustworthy DDM

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