Friday, July 4, 2008

Just The Tip: By Stream of Consciousness Eddie

I told my girlfriend I just wanted to stick it in and get a little bit and she got all whiney and said no. I tried to get it in there anyway. She pulled it away real fast and snapped at me. ''No! Stoppit! It's too big and it's dirty!'' she says. I suggested that I just stick the tip part in. She wouldn't let me anywhere near it.

So, anyway, I didn't get to find out if the soup ladle from dinner would fit into the peanut butter jar. So it had some chili on it? That doesn't make it dirty, per say. So what if it looked too big to fit the scoop side into the jar? She wouldn't even let me stick the tip part of the handle in. That would've fit and it was clean. I had to get up and go get a clean spoon from the silverware drawer and come back. I missed part of Jimmy Kimmel's monologue. What's that about? I think I'm going to break up with her anyway. Way too uptight.

*Remember: The peanut butter jar isn't some kind of sacred, holy thing that needs to be sterile and handled with special care. Lighten up, a peanut butter jar is not a bajingo. It doesn't need special rules for what items you can and can't put in there.

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