Friday, July 4, 2008

Jake The Flake's Ten Fun Facts: By Jake The Flake

1. In 1976, country balladeer, Kris Kristofferson, played a gynecologist on an episode of Saturday Night Live, opposite Jane Curtin, who played his patient and date.

2. There is a heavyweight boxer named
Gerald Nobles whose tough guy nickname is ''The Jedi''.

3. The Singer known as Engelbert Humperdinck legally changed his name TO Engelbert Humperdinck FROM Arnold George Dorsey, taking the new name directly from a famous German Composer.

4. Milton Berle, of all the famous men in show business, is reputed to have had an infamously gigantic penis to put all the rest to shame. Apparently, everyone who knew him was aware of this endowment, especially since he wasn't known to be shy about pulling it out as a conversation piece.

5. If Kitty Wells married Conway would actually be the first time on record that a living country singer married a deceased country singer.

6. 99% of all people cannot remember the last time they had sex in a chair, mostly because their dentist had already anesthetized them.

7. There is a tropical plant named Amorphophallus, from the ancient Greek words, amorphos (meaning without form or deformed) and phallos (meaning penis). Guess what the plant looks like?

8. Some people still fervently believe O. J. Simpson is innocent, despite the fact that he authored a book based on a ''hypothetical'' confession. Johnnie Cochran was that good.

9. The National Science Committee has determined that every time one sneezes, .001 micrograms of excrement are forced out the average person's rectum from the force. Not quite enough for the human eye to notice but more than enough to be disgusting.

10. Lastly on my list of fun facts; this actually happened:

*Remember: Only numbers 6 and 9 are made up. How F*cked up is that?

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